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There are 3 kinds of organic producers registered with this portal – “declared”, “certified” (through third party certification) and “guaranteed” (through PGS).

Care has been taken to ensure that producers from numerous states for a wide geographical coverage, with a wide range of products between them and with a staggered harvest system between them have been included into this effort – this will ensure variety as well as regularity of supply for the procurers.

We have also taken care to see that we can assure you about the ‘organicity’ of the produce, especially in the case of “declared” organic, through a panel of referees consulted for the purpose. We also sought to reduce the possibility of mixing up of organic with inorganic produce by registering only those producers who are fully organic.

However, we advise the procurers registered on this portal to evolve their own verification systems too, since we are not standing guarantee for the registered producers through this portal.

To recommend a fully organic farmer to be registered in this portal, please leave details HERE.